Taking Grande Chances At Aretha’s Funeral #MLL042

Episode 42 September 05, 2018 01:09:15
Taking Grande Chances At Aretha’s Funeral #MLL042
Music Love Life
Taking Grande Chances At Aretha’s Funeral #MLL042

Sep 05 2018 | 01:09:15


Show Notes


Episode #42

The Queen of Soul’s funeral sparks a new #metoo moment with Bishop Charles Ellis trying to cop a feel on Ariana Grande’s itty bitty titties. B-Honest isn’t convinced it was full out sexual assault but Christal is enraged and feels like it’s a testament to America’s rape culture. Girls won’t reveal their body count, but @bundleofbrittany does. Christal still refuses to come off her numbers even after B-Honest proves it’s the new wave. Kevin is impressed w/Brittany’s assets but B-Honest doesn’t want to read her book. Kevin calls feminine bullshit on Christal’s self-righteousness on Ariana but suggesting Brittany start bundling sextapes and selling them for profit. The guys are appalled at Christal’s pimpish ways – leading them to further speculate about her body count.

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