A Woman’s Work #MLL043

Episode 43 September 12, 2018 01:08:55
A Woman’s Work #MLL043
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A Woman’s Work #MLL043

Sep 12 2018 | 01:08:55


Show Notes


Episode #43

Christal complains about the ATL heat and attending a concert without VIP access.

B-honest and Kevin have no sympathy and use the “b” word (bourgeoisie). I

n a rare moment of solidarity, everyone is over Nicki Minaj’s tirade about Cardi B’s actions humiliating her. Kevin wants Nicki to keep the same energy with Remy as she has with Cardi and Christal wants her to treat Cardi like she did Miley Cyrus.

The bonding moment ends quickly as Christal suggests today’s man wants a woman from the 50’s. B-Honest and Kevin are confused by her emotional rambling. Doesn’t everyone think a wife questioning a husband is absurd?

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